roen We offer qualified recruiting services
roen We offer qualified recruiting services

Tolerance, culture, empathy

We understand the value of culture and try to emphasize its importance

Safety is first

Each candidate will be a safe and positive contributor to that home

Customer needs are essential

We take care that things have a happy ending for both the client and the candidate


Personnel selection and recruitment from romania

Our company offers qualified personnel recruitment services from Romania. We can complete the recruitment and evaluation process and in the end we find the most suitable candidates for your company.

Personnel selection and recruitment from abroad

Our company offers qualified recruiting services, bringing staff from the Republic of the Philippines – NEPAL – VIETNAM. We offer an advantageous alternative for companies in our country which are having difficulty in filling vacancies.

Professional assessment of candidates

We perform the assessment of the competencies of the candidates, using our own methodology. Candidates are subject to assessments of psychological skills, adaptability and job features.

Recruitment consultancy

We have well-trained, devoted staff ready to provide concrete answers and viable solutions for carrying out human resources in a perfectly legal environment. Benefits are on both sides, and collaborations are a success!


We believe that the oldest and most fruitful collaborations are those made between people and not between companies.


At HR Recruitment SRL we have built a team of professionals who has the skills and the practical experience of finding the right people and building teams, that can make positively transform your company.


Applying to our services does not mean choosing a costly way to hire staff, it means the efficient allocation of financial resources, a long-term investment in the future of your organization.

About us

HR Recruitment SRL provides its clients both recruitment consultancy and the full range of services related to human capital. We successfully adapt new trends in Human Resources and we creatively use the opportunities the economic environment offers to reach our clients’ goals.

Our range of services is tailored to meet your needs, from recruitment to candidates and staff’s, by implementing qualification assessments, matching needs and managing risk management.
We aim to help those companies that have the ambition to reinvent the industry they work in, to build teams that can make that change.

The HR Recruitment SRL organization is based on the individuals’ abilities/capacities, personality and results that make it up.


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